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Trans Flag

Len McCluskey, Other Hard-Left Figures Sign Transphobic Letter Attacking Gender Recognition Act

Len McCluskey and other various members of the hard-left signed a deeply troubling letter that was published by far-left publication…

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North Wales Inspector Falsely Claims Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug – The Evidence Shows the Opposite

It’s the myth that just doesn’t want to die. Despite mounting contradictory evidence, law enforcement around the world can’t accept…

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Battlefield V

Manbabies Throw Tantrum as DICE Reveal Women to Prominently Feature in Battlefield V

DICE has revealed women will feature in upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield V. Not only are they in the game, they…

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Welsh Labour

My First (Welsh or any) Labour Conference Experience: I’m Finally Home

I joined Labour back in February; and not long after attending my first CLP meeting back in March, I was…

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Gordon Ramsay

Abusive Staff from Old Station Hotel, Llandudno Show How NOT to Respond to Negative Customer Reviews

We’ve all said things on social media we regret. But when your business or job relies on it, it isn’t…

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Flag of Poland

Poland Admitted Over 81,000 More Migrants than Germany in 2016

After the Western media frenzy that wrongly claimed the annual independence march was just the far-right despite a huge distinction…

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Black Brown LGBT Flag

Adding Black and Brown Stripes to Our LGBT Flag Will Only Divide Us More

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs debuted a new LGBT flag with black and brown stripes in their…

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Featured Image - Laura Knightly Leaflet Alyn & Deeside

Laura Knightly for Alyn and Deeside: Are the Conservatives Even Trying?

Five days to go until the big day. The General Election on 8th June. Only today have I received the…

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Why the UK Government Cannot be Trusted with Backdoors in Encryption

The UK sustained the worst terrorist attack since July 2005 last week in Manchester. The government is now pressing harder…

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