Abusive Staff from Old Station Hotel, Llandudno Show How NOT to Respond to Negative Customer Reviews

We’ve all said things on social media we regret. But when your business or job relies on it, it isn’t best to argue with customers let alone swear at your customers.

But that didn’t come into the minds of a few members of staff for Llandudno’s Old Station Hotel. Instead of trying to defuse the complaint, the staff proceeded to do the no-noes of customer service and social media marketing – arguing with and insulting your customers on Facebook.

Customer Kirsty Brearley posted this complaint on Facebook:

It certainly doesn’t help to use the Facebook laugh reactions as staff member Becca Bamford did on several comments. Ms. Bamford then proceeds to allege that the customer just complained to get a free meal and insults them by calling her group a “weird family”.

She then proceeded to say to take her family to McDonalds instead. Another no-no.

The chef of the restaurant, Darrel Jones also joined in with the most grotesque and unprofessional replies I’ve ever seen.

A competent management team would sack him on the spot and give him a reference so bad not even a Burger King franchise would have him on their payroll. But judging by the telephone call Ms. Brearley alleges with management, it doesn’t seem to be fussed just like the general staff.

But yes, he makes it worse with a status where staff member Ms. Bamford also calls her family “a bunch of arse holes”.

Good customer service means being approachable and friendly even when you think your customer is taking the mick. And yes, that includes on social media long after or long before you’ve seen them on your premises. The responses are just unprofessional and completely unacceptable in any industry.

Marketing is to provide customers with value. I’ve never eaten at the Old Station Hotel and after seeing their staff’s replies to the review, I likely never will. Even the top and best Michelin-starred restaurants get it wrong sometimes. But it’s how you respond to that criticism and how you try to fix it that matters. If I had a bad experience, would I be abused just like Ms. Brearley was – regardless of what their staff allege?

I think I’ll be staying well clear.

About the author: Ryan Konkolewski

I write on various topics like technology, marketing, North East Wales and politics from a mostly left-of-centre perspective. I am also a member of the Labour Party and serve as Shotton BLP Exec Rep to the CLP. I'm also a member of LGBT Labour, Jewish Labour Movement and union GMB.

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  1. Kirsty eats out regularly with her lovely son and always cleans up after him , she is a fabulous mother to her autistic son and does loads of charity work for his cause . As for them implying they were after a free meal I find this most rude , the chief and waitress should be sacked immediately. Only hope they don’t have disabled children and get treated like they did this family .

  2. Wow…just wow – I actually have no words to describe how utterly fuming i am right now. Darrel Jones, you aren’t a chef – you give chefs a bad name, you are just a really nasty piece of work who obviously can’t do what he’s employed for!, shame on you. Becca Bamford, I would really love for you to actually come across the mountain of friends and family that stand behind Kirsty and her beautiful family. Arseholes?….no my friend, there is two of those on this blog and that is you and the waste of space “chef” and i term that very loosely so not as to offend real chefs.

    The chef and waitress should be sacked immediately….what you think personally is one thing, to voice your foul mouthed and, very incorrect opinions is another.

    Your actions have caused your employers pub to go viral for all the wrong reasons…

  3. As a manager off a eating shop , I’d sack both staff members on spot with apologies to the customer …. you can’t please every customer. As a so called chef he should no

  4. He makes it worse……that could have been about any table on any night. The fact you went searching through his facebook is disgusting. I am not condoning his actions but that must be an invasion of privacy. Having worked in the trade, the staff made a stupid mistake and don’t deserve this reaction

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