Labelling Deeside MP Mark Tami Racist Shows How Far Political Correctness Has Weakened Society


I’m abysmal with faces. At least a few times a year, I mistake someone I pass in the street for a friend or an acquaintance. But God help me if I ever assume someone for being straight. Or if I mistake a black woman for somebody else. In 2017, even mistaken identity, let alone differing opinions, will now label you racist as Mark Tami MP found out yesterday.

In yesterday morning’s edition of The Times, Patrick Kidd vilified Alyn & Deeside MP Mark Tami as racist for mistaking Kemi Badenoch, MP for Saffron Walden for someone else. Here is the paragraph in full:

“Kemi Badenoch, the new Tory MP for Saffron Walden, was surprised when Mark Tami, a Labour whip, approached her in the Commons and said how much he had enjoyed campaigning for her. “I’ll be your whip during this parliament,” he added. “But I’m a Conservative,” Badenoch replied. A look of horror crossed Tami’s face and he backed away quickly as if stunned that a black woman belonged to another party. Perhaps he thought that all Tories look the same.”

And of course, it’s 2017. We live in the golden age of political correctness. Critical thinking, interpretation and reality has been replaced by labels and fake outrage. What an age we live in:

And that was one of the more civilised tweets. There’s vile and hateful ones I wouldn’t wish on people with political views most adverse from mine to receive.

However, Kemi Badenoch MP saw the funny side of the incident in 1, 2 & 3 tweets:

.@MarkTamiMP so sorry you’ve had unpleasant tweets. No idea how the story got into the Times, it definitely didn’t come from me! In fact I thought it was a funny incident! The idea that this is racism is ludicrous. Very sad when people jump on the bandwagon with no knowledge of what happened but are so ready to villify people as racists for an innocent (and hilarious) mistake!

Mark Tami, Master of Quantum Mechanics?

As Mark Tami, points out in this tweet, he remained in Alyn & Deeside for the entirety of his campaign with almost daily updates of locally-focused images, video and tweets to see off uninspiring Conservative candidate Laura Knightly. I detailed this in my previous post.

Mr. Tami doesn’t appear to experiment with quantum mechanics to appear in two places at once and the article tellingly fails to say who he was allegedly campaigning for. It is pure fabrication and as such Mr. Tami says he will lodge a complaint about Kidd’s article:

Political Correctness: The Great Dystopia

Now, not all political correctness is a negative thing. Some can produce positive outcomes to reduce discrimination of ethnic minorities in the workplace and force authorities to act in the event abhorrent racist and homophobic attacks take place.

But increasingly, we are it seeing manipulated to score cheap political points. Extreme social justice warriors at Evergreen State College in the US, have demanded biology professor Bret Weinstein to be fired for refusing to participate in and call out their “Day of Absence” where white people vacate the campus for a day.

The senseless chants of “Hey-hey, ho-ho, these racist teachers have got to go” and “f**k free speech” is the counterargument from these students. Not logic and reason. Not civilised debate. But to silence those who disagree and desensitize them with labels.

It’s not reached that level yet, certainly but that is the future if left unabated. But we can see how Patrick Kidd intentionally took an innocent event out of context, joined with libel to label him racist. An effort to dehumanise a Labour MP.

A frightening dystopia.

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