Poland Admitted Over 81,000 More Migrants than Germany in 2016

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After the Western media frenzy that wrongly claimed the annual independence march was just the far-right despite a huge distinction between two events.

However, today emerges immigration figures from Eurostat, a Directorate-General of the European Commission, has published figures that show Poland took in more migrants than Germany in 2016 with 585,969 migrants admitted with 84.3% for employment reasons. Compare that to Germany’s 504,849.

Per 1,000 people Poland issued first residence permits to 15.4 per 1,000 and Germany a significantly lower 6.1.

These figures don’t bode well for EU members and the media who are committed to portray Poland as a country of fascist xenophobes, so don’t expect this to see much media attention. While the far-right indeed does have a presence, and should very much be considered negatively, these figures show that Poland is more open to foreigners than politicians in the EU are claiming.

Yes, those they are most Ukrainians and Eastern Europeans for employment but can integrate well due to huge Russian language presence in Poland. While Syrians could in theory, they are at a serious disadvantage in that most will not know neither Polish, Russian or English. This therefore means, though not always, they could add to the already excessively high welfare state.

That all said, there is a line between economic migrants and refugees. When your home is destroyed by war or a natural disaster then you are indeed a refugee who should be helped. But the line is soon crossed into economic migrant when you travel thousands of miles and just so happen to choose a country with a welfare system.

This fact however, is highly likely to evade those on the far-left who are on a mission on punishing Poland for not admitting said refugees.

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